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How to Travel More, Win Friends and Influence People

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The world is becoming smaller via technology and development. It has become more and more easy to travel to a new country, to a new continent, and across the globe.

Yet, traveling is one of the main activities that people talk about, but many never take the chance to actually do. Is it because traveling scary? Or, risky? Or, seems out of reach?

Why is it that people who are able to travel or who really want to travel don’t actually travel as much as they could or want to?

Is it a problem of money?

Is it a problem of time?

Or is it a social and cultural problem?

I will answer you a little later.

First, let me tell you a little about my own travel experience.

Travel Changed My Life - Let it Change Yours Too

When I was 13 years old, I was selected to go to Russia for  a 5-week international children’s camp. I didn’t know anything about Russia, or traveling abroad, or even flying on a plane by myself. I didn’t have my parents to guide me.  All I knew was that I was going to a foreign country to meet other children from all over the world.  

It ended up being the trip and experience of a lifetime. It ended up changing my life, literally.

But, let's go back to the beginning. That was my first trip to a foreign country.

Did I have fear? What made me go? Was I forced to go? How did I adjust?

Yes, of course I had fear.  In fact, I was afraid from the moment I was told I would be going until I got off the plane in Russia.  

I went because my parents and the committee that selected me thought it would be a great experience that would help me learn and grow.  As wonderful as that sounds, however, I wasn’t completely sold on the need for me to go halfway around the world just to have a fun summer or somehow become a better student. Couldn't I just go to normal summer camp in my own city?

But I can honestly say that I wasn’t forced to go. I made a decision that would end up being one of the best of my young life.  

I decided to withhold my skepticism and suspend judgement. I decided to embrace my fear and take the trip. Yes, you read correctly, I EMBRACED the fear.

That was one of the most helpful lessons that I learned from traveling. It has helped me in all of my travels throughout North and a South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. It's one of the lessons that has helped me throughout my life.  It has helped me to make friends, have greater social influence and “win” at life.

And, it's one of the lessons I want to help YOU learn.

What Holds You Back?

Nowadays, travel is so easy and convenient. Even children as young as 6, 7 or 8 years old are getting into airplanes and traveling without their parents. They go to a city far from where they live from with just a little guidance. They merely have someone to help them on the plane, make sure they get to the right seat, and make sure they have their belongings when they get off. These young kids are traveling and they hardly know how to help themselves.

So, if kids with limited abilities are traveling, why is that professionals, retired workers, students and other adults have that feeling that blocks them from truly seeing the world around them.  

Let me explain. Many retired people want to travel. It is on their mind and try to plan for it, but they never take action.  A lot of professionals have the opportunity to get good jobs overseas, but ultimately pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. They aren't sure if they should go, if they can make a life in a new country. Loads of self-employed  people want to invest overseas, but never take the chance. There are so many everyday people who want to experience something different and new, but never take the risk to travel outside of their vicinity.

Fear and lack of confidence are the main barriers that stop people from traveling.  But with my personal experience and the research I have done, I am able to help those who want to travel to see the other side of traveling: To see the joy that is in traveling, the happiness that is in traveling, the education that is in traveling and the richness that is in traveling.      

From Shy Girl to Global Influencer

People are usually really surprised when I tell them I was quite shy as a child and teenager. Then, when I tell them I’ve traveled and worked literally all over the world, speaking to crowds of up to a 1000 people, teaching, conducting research and meeting everyone from the common man on the street to the international diplomat and global business person, they want to know how. It’s hard for them to reconcile both pictures with the woman standing in front of them.

I always tell people that travel made me into the woman I am today and the person I continue to become, day after day, month after month and year after year.

Travel became my answer to confusing questions and my solution to complicated problems. It allowed me to see for myself the different faces, voices, ideas from around the world that could help me to understand MY world.

When I was trying to decide at an early age what I wanted to do with my life, I was confused. After traveling to Russia as a teen and soon after to Cuba, West Africa, Japan and other places and I realized that whatever I decided on for a career HAD to involve studying people, their cultures and how they live their lives.  

It seemed that I would be headed down the path to anthropology, but I ended up going into the field of psychology.  I wanted to study the human mind and human behavior.  Eventually, I became a clinical psychologist and developed a career in international and global mental health.  Travel helped me to meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Travel gave me a sense of confidence and authority in my field of study.

The Art, Science and Psychology of Travel

But the thing is, my story is not unique.  I have met so many people on my journey who have been shaped and molded by their travel experiences. Some had study abroad experiences that changed their entire careers. Some fell in love with a particular country and ended up settling and starting a family there. Some bought land overseas and started their own travel lifestyle business.

Others didn’t move abroad, but were able to get rid of long-standing psychological hangups and fears as they traveled outside of their zone of comfort and familiarity.

Most upgraded their lives in one way or another through travel.

What I and many of the people I have encountered on my journeys have tapped into is the psychology of travel.  According to science, travel can enhance positive emotions, change your mindset by changing your environment, and help you to reduce negative emotions by exposing you to your fears.

The Birth of Zen Wanderlust - Travel as a State of Mind

And this is what I want to share with you.  I’ve deciphered the secret of how to transform your life with travel through my own travel experiences, my own research into the “art and science” of travel, the experiences of friends I’ve met along the way, and my work with clients guiding them to personal success through travel.

I decided that I could no longer keep these secrets to myself.  I decided I wanted to share the gift of transformation through travel with everyone who is ready to upgrade and recharge their life.

I finally realized that I HAD to launch Zen Wanderlust - to help people reach their highest self through global travel, cultural immersion and personal enrichment. I want people of all backgrounds, creeds and colors to travel more, travel better, transform their lives and live their highest purpose through travel.  

Does this sound like you?

You desire to travel more

You want to go global, but don't know how

You want a chance to completely upgrade or turn your life around

You have traveled, but now you really want to harness it for your personal success

You want to reap ALL the transformative benefits of travel

You want to learn about and immerse yourself in different cultures

You want to experience adventure, personal growth and self-discovery as you travel

For the novice traveler, Zen Wanderlust is here to demystify travel for you!

For the experienced traveler, Zen Wanderlust is here to help you upgrade your life through travel!  

For the traveler seeking personal growth and transformation, Zen Wanderlust is here to guide you on your journey!

Travel and Culture A to Z

The most exciting part of launching Zen Wanderlust Travel and being able to bring you the highly anticipated Masterclass TRAVEL AND CULTURE A TO Z.

The online travel Master Class course includes more than 20 lectures, interactive activities and lots of bonus. The course includes must-have information about travel deals, travel budgeting, adjusting & immersing herself in new cultures, avoiding travel pitfalls, working & moving abroad, language learning tips & more.

  • Travel A to Z will teach you how to save 30% or more on travel costs.

  • Travel A to Z will teach you how to travel to the destinations of your dreams at prices you can afford.

  • Travel A to Z will teach you the secret mindset tricks that experienced world travelers use to improve their careers, social life and make money when they travel.

How long will you delay your dream to travel the world? How much longer will you wait to become the global traveler you always dreamed? What's holding you back? Now is the time to cut through the fear and travel with confidence.

Just for being part of the Zen Wanderlust Travel community, you can get lifetime access to the TRAVEL AND CULTURE A TO Z Online Masterclass at 70% off. Redeem this amazing offer here.

If you want to stay in the know about the Zen Wanderlust travel lifestyle sign up for updates and download the free Travel Starter Guide here.


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