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Looking to experience Life Transforming Travel? Want to immerse yourself in different cultures while learning more about yourself? Zen Wanderlust Travel assists with all things travel, transformation and life-changing.
We believe that travel is the key to a more fulfilling and successful life.

For the novice traveler, Zen Wanderlust is here to demystify travel for you!

For the experienced travellerZen Wanderlust is here to help you upgrade your life through travel!

For the traveller seeking personal growth and transformation, Zen Wanderlust is here to
guide you on your journey!

We offer webinars, books, online master classes, consultation, travel education, speaking
engagements and products and gifts from around the world.

Zen Wanderlust Travel started with a psychologist who had a passion for wellness, travel
and helping people immerse themselves in the world. From the moment her parents first
sent her abroad to Eastern Europe as part of an international children's camp, Dr. Nicole
Monteiro knew she had found her calling. She wanted to see as much of the world and its
people as she possibly could. She wanted to open her heart and mind to new people and
cultures. Through this, she learned that she could enlighten others about the power of
travel to change their own and others’ lives.

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Cutting-edge content on the latest travel trends, travel deals, and must-know cultural information and tips for the most exciting travel destinations. Everything you need to experience the transformative power of travel and prepare for your next journey, at your FINGERTIPS.


Zen Wanderlust Travel can help you figure out how to travel the world, how to curate the trip and adventure of a lifetime, how to travel off-the-beaten-path, how to take the leap to move abroad, and how to learn a new language and globalize your lifestyle even without traveling. Set up a Zen Wanderlust consultation now to find out more and get started on your journey. 

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Science Tells Us to

Do you know that according to science, if you’re NOT travelling, you’re missing out on life-changing opportunities?

Here is what research tells us:
1.  Our brains respond to novel experiences by helping us to think and feel better. 
2.  Investing in experiences over material things leads to better health and well-being. 
3.  People who work and study abroad have better job and earnings prospects.

Research also shows that travel can enhance positive emotions, change your mindset by changing your environment, and help you to reduce negative emotions by exposing you to your fears.

Despite these benefits, you're probably still not travelling as much as you would like or the way you would like.

The Fear Factor:

Fear and lack of confidence are the main barriers that stop people from travelling as much as they want.  Zen Wanderlust uses experience, research and its network of global of connections to help those who want to travel to see the other side of travelling: To see the joy that is in travelling, the happiness that is in travelling, the education that is in travelling, the richness that is in travelling and the transformation that is in traveling.


Are you ready to cut through the FEAR and travel with CONFIDENCE? Are you ready to become a TRAVELER, not just a person who travels?


You've seen all your friends; beautiful pictures and social media posts detailing their trips around the world. You keep hearing that you SHOULD be travelling more and you actually WANT to travel more.

HAVE YOU wanted to take a big trip, but have not been able to make it happen?

HAVE YOU travelled to some amazing locations, but are now looking for even more
unique travel experiences to have a deeper impact on you?

DO YOU want to learn more about different cultures and languages?


ARE YOU thinking about taking the leap to move abroad?

Our Travel Webinars, Travel Books, Travel and Culture Masterclass and Travel Consultations help you beat your fear and build your travel confidence.

Ready to get started saving hundreds on travel and accommodations AND learning to navigate new cultures, languages, customs and people? Then the Travel and Culture A to Z Online course is just for you. Learn more here!

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