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Zen Wanderlust Travel was created to help all people be able to realize their life's potential using travel and exposure to different cultures, customs and languages as catalysts to self-discovery.

Dr. Nicole Monteiro, Clinical Psychologist, Researcher and Travel Writer, has made it her life's work to help heal and educate people worldwide.


Born in Philadelphia, Dr. Nicole's young life afforded her opportunities few others have known and allowed her to gain a unique perspective on the world. She's lived in four different countries and traveled for work, research and pleasure to more than fifty
countries. Each location lending to her personal and professional growth and cultivating her desire to seek out more and to do more for the world around her.

As a graduate of Howard University and having received further training through
Columbia University, Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and Washington School of
Psychiatry, this renowned therapist, professor, travel coach and author, has
combined her education, talent and passions to lift up those in need. What began for her
as an adventure, now serves to do good in the world one person at a time.

Doing good meant helping people to travel more. Finally, Dr. Nicole realized that she HAD
to launch Zen Wanderlust Travel - to help people reach their highest self through global
travel, cultural immersion and personal enrichment.



As a psychologist and world traveler, I’ve helped hundreds of people reignite their passion, connect to their purpose and transform themselves into the phenomenal beings they’ve always felt they were meant to be.


And, helping people to travel is one of the tools I use to bring about change and growth. I specialize in deep and lasting personal transformation. My passion is guiding people to move past the challenges and hurdles that are stopping their progress and ability to reach their goals. I work with people to clarify and manifest their life vision, to stress and negativity proof their mindset, and to implement goal-setting systems that work for them. All of this leads to greater confidence, sense of effectiveness and competence in the world, and readiness to act on their vision and dreams.


As an expert in international travel, global cultures, psychology and behavioral change, I’ve been able to connect people to a deeper awareness of themselves and the world around them. Using travel as a pathway to personal growth, I help people expand their horizons and move outside their comfort zones to greater fulfillment and personal success.

Are you lacking clarity and purpose? Do you want to travel to learn more about yourself and the world around you? Are you searching for inspiration? Do you feel you’re being stifled by your past or that you’re lacking direction for your future? Are you looking for a way to connect various passions in a way that is sustainable and profitable? I help you to see the best in yourself so that you can BECOME your BEST self.

Zen Wanderlust Travel inspires people of all backgrounds, creeds and colours to travel more, travel better, transform their lives and live their highest purpose through travel. Zen Wanderlust Travel’s goal is to help you recharge, upgrade and level up through
travel. Using our research into “psychology, art and science” of travel and our work with clients guiding them to personal success through travel, we are ready to bring the gift of travel to YOU.

If you want to learn more about the Zen Wanderlust travel lifestyle sign up for updates on upcoming travel content, courses and coaching.

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