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Now in downloadable e-book format! This MUST HAVE travel book will help you plan your next trip with purpose. ​Part memoir, part travelogue, part spiritual journey, Global Insights - The Zen of Travel and BEING in the World is a collection of essays that sheds light on what it means to live in the present and connect with others through travel. From trekking through the back roads of small villages in Africa to traveling off the beaten path in the Middle East, Europe and farther, World Traveler Nicole Monteiro has amassed a wealth of knowledge, insights, tips, tricks and inspirational moments that will enhance your experiences and will guide you on your own journey, wherever that may be. You'll be captivated by these personal stories, vivid descriptions of exotic locales, and unique perspectives on some of the world's most fascinating cultures and destinations. Reach outside of yourself and embrace all that the world has to offer and discover what it truly means to BE when you travel.

What people are saying:

"This book is like a real life "Eat, Pray, Love." With its vivid descriptions, funny anecdotes, practical advice and psychological insights, Global Insights provides a very comprehensive view of what it's like and what it takes to travel to world, and most importantly, how YOU can do it. This is a MUST READ that will inspire you to add travel to your personal and professional goals."


"This is such an inspiring book that was written very well. I love to travel already, but this increased my desire to get out and see the world even more. It included very helpful travel tips that you can't find elsewhere. It described cultural practices that I had no idea about. The stories about people and places are so descriptive. I have now added many new places to my travel bucket list and am inspired to explore other cultures while traveling and while home. I definitely recommend this book to all!"


"This was a great read! I love to travel internationally and also have a young child. After becoming a parent, I was hesitant about my ability to continue exploring the world. Her chapter on traveling with a baby was particularly helpful. Dr. Monteiro has inspired me to pick up my child and go! I also love how she has immersed herself in various cultures and paints such a vivid picture of many of her experiences. Well done!"


Ebook - Global Insights - The Zen of Travel and BEING in the World

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