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Book Review: Global Insights Puts the World of Travel at Your Fingertips

Global Insights - The Zen of Travel and BEING in the World  by Dr. Nicole Monteiro is a must read insightful masterpiece laced with intricate details of Nicole’s journeys packed with long lasting life lessons. In her collection of essays, Nicole combines her background as a psychologist and her love of travel. Each journey is a chapter layered with a sense of vibrant energy and nurturing spirit. As an experienced traveler myself, I could relate to the variety of experiences and cultural exchanges that Nicole outlined in each chapter. I am sure that as you read her book, you will feel that you and her share many things in common because her advice is both easy to understand in addition to being entertaining.

Though Nicole shares her experiences from the perspective of an African American Muslim, you don’t feel any sense of bias- quite the opposite, rather you feel that you can identify with her perspective and may have also experienced some of the same things as a traveler. You can relate to her experiences regardless of your ethnic, religious or racial background.

However, the chapter that touched me the most was when Nicole narrated her racial encounter with a white South African national on Emirates Airlines. In Chapter Six, entitled Flying while Black Female and Muslim: Confronting Racism and Injustice in the Unfriendly Skies, Nicole described in depth the emotional turmoil she felt when she was verbally abused by a racist Afrikaner. While I read this chapter, I myself was in route back to New York on Turkish Airlines, and couldn’t stop the tears from formulating in my eyes as I relived the pain and injustice Nicole experienced on that flight. I was deeply compelled by her diplomatic recourse and the way she handled the situation with dignity and pride.  She handled the situation a lot better than I would have.

All in all, you would thoroughly enjoy this fun filled adventurous book. Each chapter contains accessible, easy to understand and relatable to travel advice. A perfect read while in transit, on a long flight or just a relaxing day on the beach.  Also, a perfect gift for that travel bug relative, partner or companion.  

If you want to gain more insight about traveling and fruitful advice I strongly suggest you take advantage of  Nicole’s online travel course called Travel A to Z: Begin the Journey, Transform Your Life that teaches people how to be confident, savvy global travelers.  You can find out more about her course at Travel A to Z  or on her website

Tahira Y. Muhammad is an English teacher and expat living in Dubai, U.A.E.  She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures.


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